The Bedwell Company
George Hill Correctional Facility aka/Delaware County Prison
Thornton, PA

A 35,000 square foot male inmate housing unit, 200 bed and Medical Department expansion. The work included sitework, grading, excavation and fill, concrete, cast-in-place architectural concrete, plant precast structural concrete, plant precast architectural concrete, cementitious roof deck, doors and windows, metal doors and frames, detention doors and frames, security glazing, finishes, gypsum board, acoustical tile ceilings, special construction, perimeter security, security access, video surveillance, fire alarms, mechanical and fire protection sprinkler systems.

Electrical, Fire Protection, Plumbing and HVAC work was performed by other Prime contractors. Although Bedwell subcontracted 70% of the work, we performed the cast-in-place concrete, expansion joint assemblies, miscellaneous carpentry, interior architectural woodwork, sheet membrane waterproofing, firestopping, plastic unit skylights, joint sealants, steel door frames, access doors, steel detention windows, louvers and vents, fire extinguisher cabinets, toilet and bath accessories, detention hollow metal frames, detention equipment and furnishings, fire pump and fire pump house, layout, safety and protection, temporary facilities and controls, project management and scheduling with our own forces.

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